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Product Overview

Large multi-developer projects become difficult to control.  You may see this in your own software, but it is especially obvious with large existing software
packages such as Open Source software.  This presentation highlights some of the classic pitfalls of large projects and show how proper attention to design will result in code that is reliable and easier to maintain.

ClearStream is designed to make sense of the murky jumble of classes scattered around, and often hiding within, a large C++ application.  It does this by locating every class in the project and then discovering everything there is to know about that class, as well as how it relates to all other classes.  With ClearStream’s graphical Object Relationship Diagram and its many reports a developer or manager will be able to easily produce an X-Ray of the software that shows, among other things:

  • The names of all classes
  • Where each class is defined
  • How classes reference each other
  • Manager Classes and Utility Classes (based on the number of references)
  • Functional blocks of code by grouping classes into Neighborhoods of related classes
  • Which classes are not even being used (Orphan classes)
  • Similar classes that have possibly redundant functionality
  • The Methods contained in every class
  • Reports detailing the overall size and complexity of the project

ClearStream allows developers to refactor their software (or the software of others) to make it more manageable and supportable. ClearStream’s interface and reports are designed to allow anyone to quickly see to the bottom of any C++ application and identify areas that cause turbulence.