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ClearStream will quickly become an invaluable resource for Managers and Developers alike.

Clear Stream lays out all of your classes, letting you quickly see the big picture and untangle (and document) the inner workings of the software.  Large
C++ projects are difficult to control.  ClearStream shows all classes in a project, and their relationships, making code manageable and supportable.

Some of the ways Clear Stream will benefit your team:

Manage C++ Projects – Most managers are not involved in the software development effort.  Many managers don’t even understand software.  But with Clear Stream they can easily see the functionality of the application and see problem areas where a little more origination would help.  Produce weekly reports to track improvements along the development cycle.

Document C++ Projects – Run Clear Stream as often as you want.  Produce a full documentation packet that will allow you to maintain your project going forward.  This is an essential function when you are bringing in new developers.  New Software Engineers can come up to speed in minutes rather than days when they can see the entire structure of the project.

Maintain C++ Projects – Once the main development effort on a project is over people tend to forget the structure of the application; especially if they have moved on to other projects.  With Clear Stream you will always be able to find the key classes, know what classes are essentially stand-alone and, more importantly, see quickly which classes need to be re-examined when a particular module has to be changed.

Untangle Class Relationships Within Your ApplicationClearStream allows you to quickly find key modules, find modules that are underused, and identify classes that need to be reworked.  Find duplicate classes, unused classes, or classes that have grown beyond something that is easy to support.

Simplify C -> C++ Conversion – Standard C uses functions and templates.  If a C program has been structured correctly, many of these functions could be grouped together into classes.  ClearStream identifies the relationships between functions in C programs, finding manager functions and the functions that they alone reference allowing you to easily encapsulate related code into individual classes.

Explore Open Source Software -No matter what you are looking to do with your application it is likely that someone else has already done parts of it, or something similar, and posted it online.  The problem is unraveling the code.  Want to use pieces of Google Chrome or Open Office?  It is almost impossible to wade through that software and pick out the useable parts. Clear Stream gives you the detail required to use that software, allowing you to quickly zero in on code that could be useful to you, allowing you to see both the forest and the trees at the same time!

Evaluate Large Software Projects – Whether you are considering the purchase of a new company to acquire their software or are an investor looking to determine if the software is really all it is represented to be, the reports in Clear Stream will give you an additional level of confidence.  Managers and financial Clear Streams find this tool an especially useful way of viewing the internals of a software project without having to try and wade through the code.

Discover Dead Code – Any large project will have dead code.  The amount of this unused code grows during the life of the project.  This code is a resource killer.  Developers frequently maintain this code, even long after it has become obsolete, applying patches and updates when it is not necessary, not even realizing that this software will never be activated.  Even worse, a new developer may think that dead code is in use and make critical changes to the wrong modules.  Clear Stream highlights classes that are no longer used, allowing you to streamline your development.

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